Your colleagues at Chrysalis hope that you are safe and well – as we all are.

The adjustment to new working arrangements was straightforward for us, as a digital business, so our services continue to operate as normal.

I have two reasons for writing to you now.

One is to assure you that, however dark these times are, it remains possible to do effective work. It will even be possible to use this time to make the other side of this tunnel more profitable than ever. The other reason I’m reaching out is a personal one, because the current crisis reminds me of the values underpinning our business and why I started Chrysalis.

Hope may seem to be in short supply as we approach the peak of this crisis, so I want to tell you that we see hope everywhere for a brighter, even more successful future for our dealer family.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing I learned this week was through Key2Key user statistics. We see users continuing to sell cars everywhere and that includes Lombardy, the epicentre of Italy’s current suffering. That not only tells us something about the spirit of people but reassures me that we can continue to talk about work and how these current difficult days can still be used to bring a brighter future.

We are determined to help you to work toward that, even while the normal mechanisms of supply and demand are so disrupted. So, I will outline some ways that this can be achieved.

Nothing can highlight the importance of digital communications as effectively as this time of ‘social distancing’, ‘home quarantine’ and measures often unhelpfully described as a ‘lockdown’. Thanks to the digital world we can still talk and maintain relationships, which is what you as successful partners of ours are already so good at doing.

We see dealers wisely and temporarily closing the showroom doors, while maintaining their essential service departments. This creates opportunities to forge new relationships as well as foster existing ones. Service customers often bought their cars elsewhere and this is your opportunity to begin relationships with them that will lead to future renewals.

Such customers will ultimately be more profitable than someone coming to your sales team with a bank loan, ready to drive away a car competitively sourced on the internet. Profitability is always important but never more so than in the coming months, when slowed production will lead to lower supply. Every sale must count when there are fewer cars to sell.

We anticipate the coming months to be an opportunity for dealers to become even more creative and helpful with their digital communications, including automations to support the work of your call centres and sales teams.

Almost always, at least part of a customer’s journey involves your website.

Now is a good time to look more closely at new ways of engaging the customer, and commerce solutions that enable to conduct business remotely. You might need them today, but they will be important tomorrow as well. These are areas we have been working on behind the scenes and we will be redoubling our focus over the coming weeks.

We want to offer something to help the industry during this period, so Chrysalis Academy is busy developing webinars that you and your colleagues will be able to participate in free of charge. We will announce these soon.

We also want to offer our services to your marketing team.

Over the past few years we have built a unique engine capable of mapping your customers to suitable stock – regardless of whether they took finance, or even if you have only ever dealt with them in your aftersales department.

When you are ready to open your doors again it will be vitally important to get a fast start, and well targeted communications that drive traffic to your website and footfall to your showrooms for specific vehicles will help to kick start things.

If you would like us to map your customers to your stock – completely free of charge – just email and we will make arrangements do that for you. This offer isn’t restricted to the franchises using Key2Key, we are happy to do this for your entire group and used car operations.

There is always more to say, but my message of hope and confidence is that:

  • The importance of digital will grow faster than ever before
  • Laser-guided marketing will help you stand out from your competition
  • Your aftersales department is a fantastic opportunity for generating business
  • Renewals will continue to be your most profitable transactions and best source of inventory

We will continue to share our insights and guidance around all the opportunities for our dealer colleagues directly to you and via other communication channels in due course. But for now, I would like to wish you and your loved ones well.


Jolyon Barker

CEO and Founder