We help brands and funders to renew customers earlier, increasing loyalty, portfolio size and market share.

Who is in a position to change their vehicle?

Imagine being able to work through your portfolio on a daily basis, constructing the best possible deal for each customer.

We combine data on customers, vehicles, valuations, offers, digital engagement in our state-of-the-art data warehouse and process it to do just that – delivering pre-calculated opportunities for your network that enable them to generate maximum results with the minimum effort.

Compelling offers, enabling customers to change their vehicle with little or no change to their monthly payment and no extra deposit.

“From a sales perspective, it’s not often you can call a customer with good news. However when a customer can change their car for no extra money/minimal money, you get some great reactions which have usually concluded in a sale and allow us to retain the customer”.
Robinsons Motor Group

Where traditional end of contract renewal processes produce conversion rates of just 14%, our clients enjoy average conversion rates of 35.6%, equating to a vehicle sold for every 2.81 customers contacted – and that’s just the average.

Using the right data and processes, results like these and better can be achieved by any brand or funder, keeping more customers away from the competition and shortening the trade cycle to deliver a sustainable increase in sales.

How does it work?

What results can you expect?

Training and support to help you achieve your goals

When it comes to optimising performance, we believe the difference between average and exceptional is training.

We can train your staff and help them implement effective processes that deliver high metrics at every stage of the sales process, and we see a strong correlation between take-up of training and the highest performing networks.

We are also able to handle initial contact on your behalf through our outbound call centre, ensuring a high opportunity to appointment ratio is achieved. This is a useful option for clients looking for immediate results and is available on on a pay-on-results basis.

Maximise sales without increasing your costs

We aren’t just looking for customers with equity. We create offers for your entire portfolio, making optimal use of incentives to drive sales at the lowest cost.

When you need to generate additional sales our 4S Calculator can be used calculate the support needed to deliver the sales you require, providing you with predictable results and costs.

Distributing campaign opportunities through our renewals platform Key2Key enables reporting on outcomes at a national, regional, group or retailer level ensuring you are able to manage performance and keep your campaign on track.

We also support medium-term planning with our P4 Calculator providing reliable forecasting of the future parity position of your customers.

Support for a wide range of campaign objectives and systems

Our technology supports an ever-increasing range of campaigns including business-as-usual early renewal of Hire Purchase, PCP and Lease agreements, and inventory-led campaigns for new and used vehicles.

We can also provide access to data, opportunities and calculation services through our API, enabling offers to be made available in other systems and workflows, for example in your CRM or brand website.

In the future we envisage brands, funders and retailers being able to inform and advise customers of their options at every interaction, to offer the best service and maximise loyalty.

To find out more or to arrange a demonstration please contact us.