We help retailers maximise renewals using tailored offers, delivered to customers at exactly the right time.

Imagine scanning your database on a daily basis, constructing the best possible deal for each customer to change their vehicle and providing the results to your sales team.

How many more vehicles would you sell?

We combine data on customers, vehicles, valuations, offers, digital engagement and more to do just that – delivering pre-calculated opportunities to your team enabling them to generate maximum results with minimum effort.

Compelling offers, enabling customers to change their vehicle with little or no change to their monthly payment and no extra deposit.

Where traditional end of contract renewal processes achieve conversion rates of 14%, our retailers enjoy average conversion rates of 35.6%, equating to a vehicle sold for every 2.81 customers contacted – and that’s just the average.

“At one site we identified 58 customers through the system and 44 of those purchased a vehicle. It enables us to pick out customers that fit a particular manufacturer offer or model.”
Neil Peet, group finance and insurance manager for Harwoods Group

With the right data and processes in place we believe results like this and better are attainable by all retailers, delivering a sustainable increase in sales volume by increasing retention rates and shortening the trade cycle.

How does it work?

Training and support to help you achieve your goals

When it comes to optimising performance, we believe the difference between average and exceptional is training, with retailers who take up training seeing consistently better results from their renewal activity.

We can train your team and implement effective processes that deliver high metrics at every stage of the renewal process.

We are also able to handle initial contact on your behalf through our outbound call centre, ensuring a high opportunity to appointment ratio is achieved. This is a useful option if you are looking for immediate results and the service can be provided on a pay-on-results basis.

Maximise sales without sacrificing your margins

We aren’t just looking for customers in equity. We create offers for your entire portfolio, enabling you to make full use of incentives and drive sales without impacting profitability.

Our renewals platform Key2Key gives your team access to these opportunities, and provides reporting on outcomes at group or retailer level ensuring you are able to manage performance and keep campaigns on track.

If you do need more sales the global calculator function in Key2Key allows you to change rates, terms and apply your own contributions to advance customers into parity and create the additional opportunities you require to meet your targets.

Support for a wide range of campaign objectives and systems

We support a range of campaigns including; early renewal of HP, PCP and Lease agreements, or inventory-led campaigns that identify suitable customers for the vehicles you have in stock.

We can also integrate with other systems via API or data feed to make offers available more widely.

Interested in knowing more about the benefits of working with us?

On average retailers using Key2Key sell 35.6 vehicles for every 100 customers contacted, but many achieve significantly higher conversion rates.

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