Discover the best practices used by successful automotive brands, funders and retailers to maximise customer loyalty and drive real growth and profitability.

In this white paper we outline the successful approaches used in the countries Chrysalis operates in, and show you a proven pathway to growth that can be used everywhere.

What we recommend is equally powerful in challenging times as well as good. And it does not rely on the difficult and costly pursuit of searching for and converting brand new customers.

In this paper you will discover:

  • which customers are most likely to renew
  • how the business you write today is likely to impact your renewals tomorrow
  • when to contact customers for best results
  • why you should consider using a call centre
  • how to implement a process that will benefit the customer and consistently result in more sales
  • the importance of a joined-up approach to communication between brands, funders and retailers – and effective strategies for achieving it
  • why compliance with GDPR is simply good marketing practice
  • the skills your team needs to be effective

There is no golden bullet for improving retention. Instead we outline a number of proven strategies that can be implemented by any brand, funder or retailer serious about achieving sustainable growth through improved customer loyalty.

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